Default Tags, Campaigns and Templates in TikTik

Default tags,campaign and templates in TIkTik

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We take serious efforts to make sure that you make the maximum out of TikTik. That is the reason we have designed the Personalised VIP onboarding to get you started with the App. Apart from a dedicated onboarding session and a live chat-based helpdesk, we also have included a few things as default to get you started. 

Default Tags included

Please note that we recommend you review this and change before you start using the TikTik App. This is just an indication to give you an idea as to what tags you should make. Please personalize this according to your requirements. 

  1. DND
    • When you put this tag to someone, Tiktik will NEVER send any messages to these people. 
  2. Team
    • Your company (Internal team or external teams). 
  3. Relatives
  4. Friends
  5. Family
  6. Clients
  7. Partners
  8. Consultants
  9. VIP
  10. Investors
  11. Rotary
  12. Students
  13. Govt
  14. Suppliers
  15. FoF (Friends of Friends)
  16. Unknown

These templates can be used from call logs, SMS logs, or even from the contacts list. 

Default Templates included

Please note that all these Templates are available for SMS, WA, and Email. You will have to change all these templates (for obvious reasons). 

1. Quick Intro

  • A few sentences are introducing yourself and your organization. 
  • It can be used when you meet someone new. 

2. My Address

  • Your Company name, address. Include a Google Maps link. 
  • It can be used when you need to share your company location (quickly). 

3. My Email

  • Your Email ID (official as well as personal, if any)

4. My Contact. 

  • Your complete contact details. 
  • Keep a habit of sharing the contact file also (when on WhatsApp), so that the receiver can save the contact instantly. 

5. My Billing

  • Your company Name, GST, Billing Address, PAN, TAN, and other statutory details. 

6. My Bank

  • Payment details, so that if someone wants to make 

7. Birthday Greetings

  • This is a blank template, write your message. Note that it’s a good idea to include some news and a link about your business. 

8. Anniversary Greetings

  • This is a blank template, write your own message. Note that it’s a good idea to include some news and a link about your business. 

Default Campaigns

We have an article that explains best practices for creating Drip campaigns. This article explains in detail the logic and philosophy behind creating a great campaign. However, we have included two default campaigns for your use and reference, as below. 

1. TikTik Invite Campaign

  • We are sure that you would love the TikTik App and want to invite your friends to check it out. So we created a campaign so that when you invite your friends to TikTik, you put them on a campaign of 4 templates in 27 days. 
  • There are two more reasons why you would do this. 
    1. Your friend gets a 10% discount if they choose to accept this invitation. 
    2. You get a good commission (20%-40%) if your friends buy TikTik App. 

2. Enjay Prospects Campaign

  • We found that many of the initial TikTik users have been Enjay Partners, so we designed a default campaign for our Partners. 
  • These are 10 templates scheduled over 65 days. You may customize and personalize this according to your requirements. 
  • These templates do not mention Enjay brand name anywhere, nor do they include any URL links. 

Default Tags, Templates, and Campaigns are to get your initial thought process. Our VIP onboarding will be a great help to you.

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