How to become a partner with the TikTik app?

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Reading Time: 4 minutes

The way you use TikTik to promote your products and services, you can also use it to promote TikTik App by inviting your friends to use TikTik. The TikTik App has a built-in option to invite your friends, and it also displays the current status of your invites. 

This article explains to you the entire process of inviting your contacts to use Tiktik. In case you want to partner with Enjay for promoting TikTik, the process remains the same. Which means that you can promote TikTik using TikTik. 

Here are five reasons why you should partner with TikTik:

  1. Very low effort.
  2. Excellent margins. 
  3. Recurring margins. 
  4. Extreme transparency. 
  5. Instant payments. 

While we welcome you to invite your friends, we do recommend you to understand that philosophy of the Tiktik App and invite only those friends who would be interested. 

Who is the target audience of Tik Tik app

  1. How to identify potential customer Customer for TikTik? Although this is the first question, the answer to it is simple. The potential customer is like YOU. (considering that you are using TikTik). 
  2. TikTik App is designed for Small Business owners.
  3. There are many ways (use cases for) TikTik App can be used. Some of them care listed here

How to generate leads and enquiries for TikTik App

How do you invite your friends? There are multiple ways to invite your friends and clients to TikTik App. The best way to promote any product is, of course, TikTik App itself. Hence we have created a Campaign with four templates.

  1. Go to the contacts module. Right, swipe on any contact to invite that contact to TikTik. 
  2. On the right top side, there is options Menu, which has an option called invite. From that module, you can invite your friends as well also see the status of your invites. 
  3. Add contacts to Tag called TikTik Invite. This can be done from the Contacts module or Tags module. 

We made sure that the effort for TikTik Partners is very less. Thus return on effort is very good. 

What is the benefit to the invitee?

  1. When you invite someone to Tiktik, they get a WhatsApp message, sharing the details about the Tiktik App. 
  2. At the same time, this information about the invite is also stored in the Enjay Cloud server, so that we can match that when your friend accepts that invite and buys the app. 
  3. Why would your friend accept your invite? To make your invite your friend more lucrative, we give a 10% discount to the invitee.  

What do you (inviter) get?

  1. You, i.e., the one who is inviting friends, gets a margin slab wise, ranging from 20 to 40%. 
  2. The margin money is paid to you once your friends accept the invitation and make payment to Enjay. 

How do you know what has happened to your invite? 

  1. From your TikTik App, you can see the status of your invites. 
  2. The statuses shown are:
    • Invitation accepted. 
    • Registration is done. 
    • A questionnaire filled up. 
    • Attended Webinar for Getting started with Tiktik.
    • Payment is done. 
    • Application use started. 
  3. Thus the system is very transparent, and you know the exact status of your invite.  
  4. Please note that the request of your friend for the TikTik App is subject to our approval process.

What is your effort in inviting your friends? 

  1. The minimum effort and maximum result is the motto of Enjay. 
  2. You have to invite a friend from the TikTik App. That’s it. 
  3. To make your invite more effective, we recommend that you call and explain the concept to your friend. 

What is the return on effort?

  1. Return on your effort is very lucrative. 
  2. Not only for yourself (as you get 20-40% margins). But also for your friends, who get a 10% discount. 
  3. The revenue is recurring. From the next year onwards, you get 20% flat margins on the renewals. 
  4. You don’t need to give Demo. 
  5. No need to do sales calls and visit the customer. 
  6. No payment follow-ups. 
  7. No delivery issues. 

Do your Contacts consist of small business owners? If yes, then you can probably be the best partner for the TikTik app. And Tik Tik app can be the best solution that you can provide to your SME customers.

How does Enjay protect Market Operating Price?

  1. We have seen fates of many IT products, which are sold through channel partners, where the vendor company keeps sufficient margins. 
  2. But unscrupulous IT partners (and dealers) do a cut-throat competition and do a lot of predatory undercutting. 
  3. Which kills the entire product, market, and also channel community. 
  4. We wanted to make sure that this does not happen with our product. 
  5. Payments are always made to Enjay. Invoicing is always done by Enjay. The system is so transparent that you are aware of all the latest developments and status of your invites. 
  6. Also, payment of margins is immediate. 

What happens to tier 2 invites

  1. Nothing happens. 
  2. Yes, if you invite your friend, you get the margin when they accept the invite and make payment. 
  3. However, if they invite more friends, you don’t get anything. 
  4. Why?
  5. Because we don’t want this product to become an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) game, this is a real product, and we don’t want to encourage MLM concepts here. 

What happens if someone receives Invite from more than 1 source. 

  1. If your friend receives more than one invite, then when they register for the first time, the app prompts them to select which invite they want to accept. 
  2. The inviter, whose invite is selected by the invitee, gets the margins. 

The biggest hidden benefit of promoting TikTik

Once you understand the concept of cross-selling and upselling, that can be used for any other products. So when your friends and customers buy TikTik with your reference, you can always pitch them other solutions. 

Some Tips for boosting your effectiveness as a TikTik Partner

  1. Keep a habit of sharing your success stories with your friends (either on WA groups or in-person). 
  2. You may also use our Twitter handle @apptiktik to attract more users. 

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