How to create TikTik Campaigns and Templates that get effective results

Tiktik Campaign Template

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Reading Time: 4 minutes

Often we think that creating Templates and Campaigns is a technical and clerical work. But actually, it is part of planning and thinking. It has more to do with your goals and strategy. Anyways, you don’t have to do this daily, so spend some timeshare and mindshare on this, and the results will be remarkable. 

What is TikTik Campaign?

  1. TikTik is a Drip Marketing Campaign, consisting of specific messages which will be sent to users at particular intervals.
  2. In other words, the TikTik campaign is a combination of Templates, arranged in chronological order. 
  3. Email, SMS, WhatsApp templates can be included in TikTik Campaign. Even calls can be scheduled. 
  4. TikTik App will help you to send those templates. Please note that TikTik does not send those messages automatically. TikTik App prompts you to send those messages or make calls at that specific time or date. 
  5. You can imagine Campaigns like a journey that your contacts will take. 
  6. Once the campaign is created, you can add your contacts to that campaign, so that they also start receiving those messages at the intervals that you have specified. 

Steps for creating Campaigns

1. First things first

  • What is your purpose or goal behind buying TikTik App? Example uses cases of the TikTik App
  • Which products/services do you want to offer or promote with this TikTik App?
  • What is the type of audience that you have in your Mobile Address Book? 

2. Categorise Audience

  • Before you create a campaign, you will first identify a group of (target) people to whom you want to send this campaign. 
  • Do this using Tags. 

3. Design Campaigns

  • Once you have grouped and identified people, then design campaigns in the spreadsheet provided by us. 
  • First, create a rough draft of the messages that you want to convey and the order for the same. 
  • Once you are satisfied with the flow of messages, then sit and finalize the templates in the spreadsheet. 
  • Once again, check for Spellings, grammar, and tone of the language. 
  • If you are going to use WhatsApp messages, then test formating of those messages by sending it to a known person. 
  • Once you think that it is final, then create the templates and campaigns in the TikTik App. 
  • TikTik App also comes with some pre-built sample campaigns, which help you to analyze them and design your own campaigns. 

Best practice for creating Campaigns:

  • Always use a spreadsheet to create the Templates and campaigns (As we explain to you in the onboarding Session). 
  • Take care of the gap between two consecutive messages. It should be for more than six days. 
  • Never be in a hurry to send messages daily to the same people. Otherwise, the entire purpose gets defeated. 
  • Always double-check the templates campaigns before you set them Live. Note You cannot change campaigns once you set them Live.  

What is TikTik Template?

TikTik Templates are pre-configured messages for SMS, Email, and WhatsApp, which are used in campaigns and otherwise. Templates are used in Campaigns and also directly, as described further ahead. 

Best Practices for creating Templates

  1. Instead of sending information about your offerings, your templates should speak about what problems you solve or how you can help your audience. 
  2. The purpose is not to bombard them with the information, but to encourage your audience to respond positively. 
  3. When drafting template messages, keep the language such that response is expected. 
  4. Always include a CTA (i.e., Call To Action). E.g., 
    • Can we speak on this?
    • When can I call you regarding this?
    • Do you want to have more information on this?
    • Can I arrange a call to understand the pain area and explain the benefits?
    • There is one more advantage of requesting a response. People see your links as clickable, only if they respond to the messages. (or save your contact). 
  5. There is one more advantage of requesting a response. People see your links as clickable, only if they respond to the messages. (or save your contact). 
  6. Generally, the first message should be about reintroducing your organization or sharing some news. You may also draft a message that we have not been in touch for a long time, so just thought of connecting back. 
  7. In the sequence, 2nd or maximum 3rd message should be sending your own contact and requesting the recipient to save the connection. This makes sure that they see the links that you might send in the future. 
  8. If you want to send some documents or images, better host them on your website and share the link. 
  9. You may include links to your website or product pages, but no need to include links in every message. 
  10. In our VIP Onboarding process, we help you to get started with creating templates. 
  11. The TikTik App also comes with few pre-built templates which help you get started immediately. 

Few more uses of Tiktik Templates 

Templates are available across the TikTik App (very soon, they will be available across your Android mobile in all the Apps also). It can be used as a text-expander. Here are a few ways it can help you improve your efficiency and work faster. 

1. Call Log

  • Many times you receive a call, and then you have to send your contact details or some other details. If you want to send this using WhatsApp, then you have first to save the contact. 
  • TikTik allows you to send WhatsApp messages (using templates or otherwise) directly from the call list. 

2. SMS Log

  • Sometimes we receive or send SMS, and then we have to send WhatsApp to that person. 
  • You can do that using TikTik (to send Templates for SMS or WhatsApp). 

3. Contacts List

  • Let’s say you are browsing through the contact list, and you think you want to send some WhatsApp or SMS message to that person. 
  • With a single swipe on that contact, TikTik allows you to send (template or your own) message to that contact.

The best part of TikTik App is the onboarding process. With personalised VIP onboarding session, we make sure that you are able to use it to the maximum  

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