Seven Tips that will help you get the most out of TikTik

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Sometimes the philosophy behind the product is much bigger than the product itself. This is more than true in the case of the TikTik App. To get the maximum benefit out of TikTik App, you need to follow certain best practices. 

How do we know these practices? Well, before we came up with the idea of the TikTik App, we have been using this concept and process for more than two and a half years. 

Best practices for Tiktik App

1. The answer to happiness is inside and not outside.

  • Focus on the people whom you know and start working from there. 
  • Generally, people underestimate their contacts and relationships and over expect from unknown people. 
  • The entire philosophy of Tiktik is based on the Gujarati proverb ઓળખાણ એ એક મોટી ખાણ હોય છે, which means that our relationships are the biggest mines (mines as in Gold mine).
  • If we focus on people whom we already know, then the business growth will be fastest. 

2. Perseverance is the key; Daily spend 20 minutes. 

  • Don’t think of doing an entire year’s marketing activity in a day. 
  • The second most crucial philosophy of the TikTik App is consistency or perseverance or doing small parts daily. 
  • Spend 20 minutes daily in identifying the right people and sending messages to them. 
  • For Example: if you create a campaign for cross-selling, keep a habit of adding 5/10 people daily to that list, it will give you great results 

3. Spend some time planning and organizing the contacts.

  • We have observed that most of the people who have more than 500 contacts in their address book, never get time to analyze who is there in their address book. 
  • This is the root cause of all the problems. 
  • TikTik creates a proper platform to analyze and organize contacts. 
  • In fact, now you have the proper motivation to get organized. Because if you arrange your contacts properly, then you will start getting returns immediately. 

4. Mind the words, craft your templates carefully. 

  • Read the article on TikTik Blog about the Campaigns and Templates best practices.
  • Take time to craft the messages, plan the campaigns correctly. 
  • Give special attention to how much time should be there between two messages. 
  • The chronology of messages is crucial.  

5. Don’t ignore call logs. 

  • Remember, TikTik is not just a marketing tool; it’s also a productivity tool. 
  • Keep a habit of analyzing your Call and SMS logs daily. 
  • You can add reminders for a call back from the call log itself. 
  • Also, send WhatsApp or SMS, using templates from the Call lot itself. 

6. Use templates regularly & intelligently.

  • Templates created in TikTik app can be very, very useful. 
  • You can use templates not only in the campaigns but also to send individual messages, using SMS, WhatsApp, or even Emails. 
  • Template-Tip 1, whenever you have to write anything twice in 15 days, create a template. 
  • Template-Tip 2, Use Templates to send statutory or other details, e.g., GST, PAN, or Billing details. 

7. Stay updated about new features coming up 

  • We regularly publish tips and tricks on our Twitter handle, so please follow us on Twitter. 
  • Also, always keep a habit of reading our Release notes, when you update the App. The information in the release note is not some random blah-blah. It is always useful for you. 
  • Ask us to arrange a refresher webinar for you, we would be happy to analyze your usage and share tips for you.

TikTik करते रहोगे तो धंधे में टिके रहोगे 

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