Using TikTik for Coaching and Training Businesses

Tiktik for education and training

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Coaching and Training Industry is growing at a very rapid pace in India. However, most of the coaching classes are very small, and they cannot afford to have costly software or marketing budgets. Hence they rely on the free and available tools which can be used easily. WhatsApp and email happen to be those two tools. 

These Institutes don’t have managerial bandwidth either to implement elaborate and costly systems to manage their business. The roles and work allotted to the small team that they have are not very systematically organized. 

This article attempts to explore the ideas that can be used to grow coaching business using the TikTik app, right from the mobile of the Owners or senior staff of the coaching institute. 

Types of Classes and Institutes:

  1. Computer Training Institutes. 
  2. Tally Training Coaching.
  3. Digital Marketing Training Institutes. 
  4. Contract Training Institutes.
  5. Professional Courses Training Institutes. 

Some tips on Using WhatsApp/Telegram for Coaching Business

  1. Create groups batch-wise to communicate. 
  2. Broadcast lists for students. 
  3. Provide help and support to students on the Chat platform. 
  4. Create catalogues of your courses. 
  5. Create a Business profile on Business WhatsApp, so that prospective students know about you.
  6. Print/display your WhatsApp number on visiting cards, banners, websites, pamphlets.

How to use TikTik for Training Business

1. Nurture Leads

  1. When new enquiries come to your institute, through any medium, add it to your Mobile Address book and add a tag. 
  2. Create multiple campaigns based on multiple courses that you have. 
  3. Campaigns can include various benefits that your institute offers – e.g., Practical sessions, Placement service, personalized guidance, one-to-one training, etc. 
  4. Campaigns can also include success stories of past students. 
  5. These messages should go to prospective students in around 15-30 days. 

2. Upselling and Cross-Selling

  1.  Students who do basic courses are very likely to go for higher courses if they have liked your primary course. 
  2. Create a campaign with messages to promote the higher course and start sending those messages just before the student has completed the basic course. 
  3. This will increase student enrolment in high-end courses. 

3. Students Onboarding

  1. When new students join any course, they need to be informed about many things. 
  2. Create a campaign of templates which inform them about those things. 
  3. Here are a few example messages:
    • Courseware information
    • Facilities provided by your classes. 
    • We are introducing faculty/teachers. 
    • Invite them to join WhatsApp
    • Any other message that needs to be communicated to students. 

4. Ex-Students (Alumni)

  1. Ex-students are one of the most valuable assets of any Institution. 
  2. Create campaigns for Alumni students. 
  3. The examples of messages may include the following things:
    • Placement opportunities. 
    • News about new courses launched. 
    • Share higher courses wherever applicable. 

5. Jobs and Placement.

  1. This can be another biggest use of the TikTik App. 
  2. Create a campaign to inform students on how to use the placement services provided by you. 

Steps to be taken one Time on TikTik App

Of course, you have to design campaigns and templates. This is a one-time exercise. We suggest that the owner should do this exercise. 

Steps to be taken regularly. 

Spend 10-15 minutes daily. 

Two things you have to do regularly. Add contacts to respective campaigns regularly. You can either do it daily or twice a week. Choose your frequency depending upon your business. 

Secondly, you have to send messages daily. 

How do we help?

TikTik App comes with a personalized Onboarding Session to get you started. In that, we help you to design the messages; campaigns completely and also categorize your contacts for maximum efficiency. 

Keep your business ticking, use TikTik.

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