Using TikTik for IT Channel Partners, Dealers, Service Providers, and Tally Partners.

TIKTIK for it dealers

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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Indian IT Industry is essentially channel-driven. It may be Laptops, Desktops, Servers, Software Solutions, packaged Software, System integration, or custom solutions; everything is driven by Channel Partners. There are thousands and thousands of Channel Partners across India who cater to end customers.

Most channel partners have a team size of fewer than 10 people. The biggest challenge for them is how to grow. But given the limited financial and managerial resources at their end, they are not able to invest in solutions and technologies like CRM or high-end marketing solutions. They need something very easy to implement, and at the same time, it is very effective.

The TikTik App is the exact solution that they need as it works from their mobile and does not require much organization. TikTik is simple to use and easy to operate. TikTik also provides many productivity features, which help Channel partners to increase their productivity and efficiency. Any time-saving idea is always welcome by IT Channel partners

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What type of IT Companies can use TikTik

  1. IT Channel partners. 
  2. System Integrators. 
  3. IT Dealers and retailers. 
  4. Tally Partners
  5. Security and Telecom dealers. 
  6. AMC Business. 
  7. Anyone dealing in hardware, software, or networking. 

Here are a few ways TikTik can be used for IT Dealers

Imagination is the only limitation while using TikTik. Also, during the unique VIP Onboarding process of the TikTik App, we provide proper guidance and help you to decide optimum usage of the TikTik App. 

Important note 1: These messages are to be sent to the concerned person, the decision-maker, or a responsible person — not the Junior staff at your Client place. Otherwise, the effectiveness is no more. 

1. Cross-Selling. 

  1. Most of IT dealers offer more than one solution. 
  2. However, most of the time, their customers are not aware of the entire portfolio of services is. 
  3. TikTik Campaign can be used product-wise to promote other related and complementary solutions. 
  4. Here are a few examples:
    • Selling Tally AMC to Tally License customers. 
    • Selling CRM to Tally Cloud Customers. 
    • You are selling Cloud Services to AMC customers. 

2. AMC Renewals

  1. Most of the time, once the AMC is signed, the communication between the channel partner and client almost stops. 
  2. TikTik can be used to send a few messages every 30-45 days, to the concerned persons, so that when you go there to renew the contract, the relationship is already warm enough to close it profitably. 
  3. This way you are connecting with the Client organization
  4. Here are a few examples:
    • Send messages every 30-40 days regarding some useful information to the client. 
    • Contact details of your support team. 
    • Some news about your company, some success stories. 
    • You are just asking how everything is and what you wanted to have a word with them. 
    • Some messages for cross-selling other products or services that you offer. 

3. Customer Onboarding

  1. Whenever you sell any product, maybe a laptop or Server, or some software or service or just an AMC, there are always a few important things you need to communicate with your customers. 
  2. These messages can be helpful information or hand-holding tips. 
  3. Just imagine if you send 6 messages in 45 days from the customer buying the product, Will that increase the stickiness? Of course, yes. 
  4. Here are a few examples:
    • Congratulations on buying an xxx new product or subscribing to a new service. Here is the support number, where you can call in case you need any help. 
    • Draft few messages which give helpful information to your customer. 
    • Some messages for cross-selling other products or services that you offer. 

4. Generate Leads for specific Products. 

  1. Let’s say you are already into the IT business for the last few years. Now you want to add a few more products to your portfolio. 
  2. The best place to get more customers for your new offering is your existing customer base. 
  3. You can use TikTik campaigns to draft messages and send them to these existing customers. 
  4. Here are a few examples:
    • I am very glad to share the good news with you. We have joined hands with XYZ company to offer you ABC products. 
    • Now draft 5-6 more messages which explain what problems do you solve. 
    • Our Team can help you draft the messages. 

5. Keep relationships. 

  1. You are in business for 10+ years. 
  2. You already know more than 1000 people. 
  3. But you are not able to keep in touch with those people. 
  4. The best solution is to use TikTik to keep in touch with these people. 
  5. Just send 4-8 messages in a year to those people. Which are useful to them and, at the same time, also share some news about yourself. 

Steps to be taken one Time on TikTik App

Of course, you have to design campaigns and templates. This is a one-time exercise. 

Steps to be taken regularly. 

Two things you have to do regularly. Add contacts to respective campaigns regularly. You can either do it daily or twice a week. Choose your frequency depending upon your business. 

Secondly, you have to send messages daily. 

Spend 10-15 minutes daily. 

How do we help?

TikTik App comes with a personalized Onboarding Session to get you started. In that, we help you to design the messages; campaigns completely and also categorize your contacts for maximum efficiency. 

Keep your business ticking, use TikTik.

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