Using TikTik as a Productivity Tool

using tiktik productivity

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

The mobile phone, today, is an extension of our being. Our productivity and efficiency highly depend on what we can do with our mobile phones. Which apps do we use, and how we use them?

The tagline of the TikTik app goes as The Big Marketing Tool for Small Business Owner. However, TikTik helps you improve your productivity and efficiency to a large extent. 

Nine ways the TikTik App helps you to be more productive

1. WhatsApp from Call Logs:

  • Many times we receive calls, and then we have to send some information on WhatsApp. 
  • But for that, we have first to save the contact, and then we can send WhatsApp. 
  • The TikTik App allows you to send WA or SMS with a single swipe action. 
  • You can send pre-built Templates or create custom messages. 

2. SMS to WhatsApp

  • Sometimes we receive some SMS, but we want to continue the communication on WhatsApp. 
  • With TikTik, you have to swipe the SMS message, and you can send a WhatsApp message. 

3. Templates save time

  • If we closely observe more than 50% of the Business communication that we make from our mobile can be templatized. 
  • TikTik app makes sure that you use this to your greatest advantage. 
  • Pre-built default templates that come with the TikTik App save a lot of your time. 
  • Default templates also give you an idea to get started and create more templates. 

4. Organized Contacts have a bigger benefit

  • Most of us never analyze our Mobile Address Book. 
  • With advanced and easy to use Tags feature, categorization of your contacts become simpler. 
  • Now you also have an incentive to organize your contacts. 
  • Now, you know your circle in a much better way. 

5. Reminder to add new Contacts to Campaigns

  • When you meet someone or if someone sends you a contact. 
  • You save that to your Mobile Address book. 
  • But often, we forget to keep the connection alive, and the relationship dies in its infant stage. 
  • TikTik App will remind you about the newly added contacts and will prompt you to assign them to some campaign. 
  • Hint: You may create a Quick Intro Campaign, which sends few messages over a few weeks so that the connection gets deeper and stronger. 

6. Call Reminders

  • Suppose you receive some call and then you discussed to call back in a few days. 
  • There are very bright chances that you will forget to call that person on the scheduled date. 
  • Now you can swipe the call logs and add a call reminder instantly. 
  • This reminder will come into your TikTik list. 
  • At scheduled day, click on that list and call is placed. 

7. A quick intro Campaign. 

  • There are two levels of Quick Intro possible with TikTik. 
  • The first option is to have a Quick Intro Template and then send that template as and when required. 
  • The second option is to create a campaign of 3-5 messages over 2-3 months. 
  • When you meet someone, add that person to this campaign. 

8. Save the unsaved numbers in a Call log

  • TikTik analyses your call logs and prompts to save you any calls, which are relevant to you. Based on call status (received / made / missed / held). 

9. Lesser stress makes you more efficient. 

  • When you are sure that your address book is working towards increasing your business. 
  • The feeling of being in control is itself very motivating. 
  • When you do things in seconds, which previously used to take you minutes, it is a very positive feeling to have. 

TikTik makes you more efficient and stresses free. 

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