Why we developed TikTik App?

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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Every small business owner thinks that marketing is a costly thing to do. Marketing is for those who are big or those who have lots of cash to burn. However, in today’s world, with the democratization of technology, this is far from the truth. 

With technologies like mobile and cloud, marketing for a small business is easier than ever. No, we are not talking here of digital advertising and SEO and Social media marketing, of course, that has a significant role to play. But not always.

We are talking of utilizing something that is already there with Business Owners and something that is available for free. Obviously some time is required to be invested. 

Target Audience of TikTik App

  1. The TikTik app is developed solely for Small Business Owners or the one-person company, as Author Paul Jarvis says in his book Company of one. 
  2. It’s not for marketing agencies, but for the owner of small businesses. 
  3. It’s for those who want to grow their businesses by deepening their relationships with their known people. 

The Big unutilized strength of Small Business Owner

  • Most of the small business owners might be having more than 1000 or 1500 contacts in their mobile address book
  • Out of which generally 70% are their professional relations, clients for prospective clients.
  • They both know each other to some extent, but can we say that all these 1000 contacts understand what exactly does this small business owner has to offer? The answer is a reluctant no.
  • Surprisingly this small business owner does not have the means to communicate or keep in touch with all of these people and keep them updated about his production services and new developments in his business.
  • So these clients and prospective clients can be a vast resource for new business and repairing business

Unfortunately, there does not exist an app or the mechanism to utilize this unutilized strength of a small business owner.

This is the fundamental reason for developing the TikTik app.

We first develop TikTik functionality for our CRM customers

The TikTik functionality was first developed for our mobile CRM application in early 2019. When we analyzed, most of our CRM customers are more than ten users. 

Also, we figured out that teams of less than ten users’ are less organized. That is the reason they are not able to use CRM. 

Here there is no question of affordability; the problem is manageability or appetite of an organization to accept change in systems.

When we dive deeper to understand why Small Businesses are successful in implementing CRM, we uncover something unexpected. 

The obvious answer is because they do not have the bandwidth to organize everything which is required by a CRM system.

They also want to do Marketing; They also want to increase their sales; They also aspire to cross-sell and resell, but they are not geared up to use any modern marketing applications or a CRM system.

TikTik is designed for Small Organisations

When we realize that our CRM application cannot help these small business owners we decided to design and create a brand new app that runs only on mobile without any cloud infrastructure.

Hence, it was decided to have the following features in Tik Tik app

  • Organizing contacts, into groups and categories, using tags
  • Ability to create campaigns. Especially multi-channel campaigns that work on the concept of drip marketing, using email, SMS, WhatsApp, and even calls.
  • Organizing unsaved calls, from the call list or log 
  • An app which will alert true about a lot of things, which helps you to stay organized
  • We also designed a great onboarding experience because we figured out that 80% of this app is the philosophy, and 20% is the technology. Unless we explain and convince the philosophy, this app cannot be used. 
  • We wanted the biggest motivation to stay organized should be a direct increase in revenue. Otherwise, small business owners will not care to arrange their data.

Privacy and other compliance standards.

Generally, when we talk of marketing and even if it remotely connect with WhatsApp, people think of automated and bulk WhatsApp sending. However, this app is not designed to send automatic and bulk WhatsApp. 

Also, TikTik is a native mobile app, which stores entire data on your mobile, and they are backed up in Google Firebase infrastructure. We do not use your data, nor do we share your data with any third party. Here is our privacy policy

The sole purpose and focus of this app are to deepen the relationships with your contacts. To generate customers from your contacts, by converting them into inquiry. Increasing revenue from each customer by cross-selling and upselling them.

That’s how the TikTik was born.

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