TikTik, the best WhatsApp Marketing platform

TikTik is the Most effective way to use WhatsApp for marketing. It is also compliant with the WhatsApp usage guidelines. It’s not automated, does not send WhatsApp in Bulk. But it is effective WhatsApp Marketing platform for sure.

How TikTik is different from Bulk WhatsApp sending.

For your known Contacts only.

if you are looking to send Bulk WhatsApp to hundreds of thousands of UNKNOWN people, then TikTik is not for you. Tiktik is useful to cultivate the relationship of already known people and increase business.

No Automatic sending

TikTik App does not send WhatsApp messages Automatically, on its own. We don’t plan that feature in future also. The goal is to have an effective tool, compliant with the usage terms of WhatsApp.


Create campaigns consisting of multiple templates of messages, with a proper timeline for sending them.
Templates in the campaign take the recipient through the journey and keep them updated.

Send Manually

You have to tick (click) the send icon manually, in the WhatsApp app to send the message, to the desired recipient. TikTik makes this entire campaign and templates management easy..

Why Automated Bulk WhatsApp Does not work?

Why TikTik WhatsApp Marketing is effective & Safe ?

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